Sunday, 4 March 2012

Pirates and Princesses Day!

We had a fabulous time celebrating the letter P this week! We had some fantastic items brought from home for our treasure table, including people pegs, pumice, a penguin, a parrot, some pineapple lumps and a paper plane! On Thursday, we had a pirates and princesses party. We all dressed up. We played pass the parcel and found some pirate and princess rings inside! We had delicious party food (pink wafers, popcorn, pretzels, pink milk and pineapple lumps. After morning tea, we discovered a treasure map from 'Pirate Prchal'. We went to Mr Prchal's office and he was dressed as a pirate! He also had a treasure chest filled with pebbles. What a terrific day! Here is a photo collage of some of the things we did, and then photos of all of the Room 12 Pirates and Princesses.

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